Ashland, KY

HORRIBLE DRIVER, sporting ACD Car Magnet!

HORRIBLE DRIVER sporting America Can’t Drive Car Magnets Ironically!  Haha!
I was driving in to work this morning through Lawrence County, Ohio (South Point area) and I see this white, Kia Sedona van on Route 52 with the magnetized car stickers advertising www.americacantdrive.com on at least the passenger side AND the back of the vehicle.  It had Boyd County,Kentucky tags. LO AND BEHOLD — this Kia Sedona begins to TAILGATE dangerously close to the SUV in front of it — honestly, had the SUV in front of the Kia hit their brakes, the Kia driver (who seemed to be the only one in the vehicle) would have wound up sitting in the backseat of the car in front of them!  I found it crazy ironic that someone who encourages others with their car magnets to target “bad drivers” is a horrible driver themselves!

We crossed over into Huntington, WV from the Ohio bridge and while sitting at the light the same Kia Sedona is rolling forward almost hitting the car in front of them at the red light because she seems to be digging in her purse!  Way to go, WOMAN!  You are ironically ridiculous!  Would be happy to post pictures just did not have my camera cord to upload them here at work and I also have her license plate number.

Car from Kentucky, seen driving in Ohio

Not a”can’t drive” pic, but too priceless to pass up!

… the departed’s family couldn’t afford the hearse the funeral home was going to provide, so they decided to take good ol’ uncle Herbert to the cemetery themselves.  It was cheaper.

You can’t be serious!?!?!?!?!

This idiot was too lazy to move the shopping cart so they could pull forward, so they just left it this way.


YOU SUCK!                       and YOU SUCK!
Learn how to park!
Ashland, KY
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