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How inconsiderate can you be?

Just because this driver was not considerate enough to stop before the intersection, we had to sit through a green light. Does he/she really think that by blocking the intersection they will get to their destination any faster? What an idiot!

Its OK, People Can Just Drive Around Me

She Must Have Been Really Hungry

The lady driving this car came really close to driving right into a Denny’s


It probably would have been more considerate of him to just proceed through the rest of the intersection.

I Think The Message Is Clear

Two Busts In One Picture

This picture was taken for two reasons. The first being that this car does not have handicap parking privileges and the second obviously because he isn’t even in the parking space.

Am I beautiful?

As you can see… This gas station was fairly busy. While patiently waiting to use a gas pump I couldn’t help but notice this lady sitting at one gas pump for over 20 minutes putting on her make up.

I didn’t see the lines

This truck is actually taking up four parking spaces. The lines must have not been bright enough for him to see.

Im Too Big For Just One Space

This parkin lot ain’t big enough for the both of us. Just me…

I wonder what the kids are thinking…

Its a good thing that this bus has a strobe light on top of it!

My Really Big Truck!

I don’t understand why he doesn’t parallel park…..

Here comes the snow!

Watch out! Here comes the snow and everything else with it!

Drunk Driving, graphic video!

Not a spot!


I’m just sayin’

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