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West Liberty Street in downtown Louisville.

This dope KNEW he was going the wrong way down a one way street and didn’t care. He had somewhere to go and was going to get there because he’s the most important person on the planet.

As you can see, he nearly clipped the car going by him. DOPE!

Lousiville, Kentucky

I can’t figure this one out…

America Can't Drive - America Cant Park

Someone managed to knock over the gate arm leading into a parking garage. But how fast could they have been going to knock out that bolted-down concrete pole?
Lexington, KY

Take it easy

This driver has two counts of stupid driving against her.  One, for tailgating at 70 Mph, and two (the one I got on camera) blatantly going over the speed limit.  At times I could not catch up doing 90.  Good thing the cops were busy with other speeders.

Posted by Jesse in Appleton, WI

Speed It Up!

Sadly, going 55 in a 65 is typical on the freeway in Stevens Point.  This moron just happened to be caught on camera.

Big Ol’ Truck

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