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45 in a 55

My wife driving through Roanoke, notice her 45 in a 55, drove me nuts!

Look what I can do!

Packed Truck!

Driving home from the airport today, I saw a family of four squeezed in to one pickup truck bench seat.  The worst part was that one of the occupants was a baby, in a baby carrier, on the lap of the person sitting in the middle.




Virginia Can't Drive - Slow Left Lane Driver - America Can't Drive

This woman was driving 5mph slower in the left lane than that of the traffic in the right lane.  When I was finally able to pass her, I saw that she was oblivious and on the phone.  Even though she was EVENTUALLY going to make a left turn she rode in the left lane for miles before her turn. 

This is the kind of person that causes people to shoot others on the road.  Very frustrating.  That’s why I’m taking out my rage HERE instead of flattening her tires after she parks.

Roanoke Virginia City Cop on Facebook while driving!

At a red light on 460 in Roanoke, VA, I pulled up beside a Roanoke City cop who was playing on Facebook on the laptop in his cruiser.  I couldn’t get my phone camera fast enough, and that sucks!

Park to the left, Park to the right

School Bus Collison

Little excitement in the quiet area of Grandin Road in Roanoke, VA.

Not much effort…

West Virginia - Parker - No Park - Bad Park

Ok, I KNOW this seems petty, but WHY?  Why not pull in the spot as marked.  I just don’t understand this….

You just irritate me

Cardboard License Plate… Really?

West Virginia - Lost Tag - Flat Tire - Cant Drive - Can't Drive - Bad Drive - Bad Driver Drivers

Lowes home improvement (parking class)

New York - Parking - Bad Parking - America has bad drivers parkers

I love little baby ducks.

Ducks and Pickup Trucks

Nothing right… Except the cake! Mmmm Cake!

AmericaCantDrive.com - AmericaCantPark.com Bad Parking Bad Driver Bad Drivers Don't Park There!  That isn't a spot!


AmericaCantDrive.com - AmericaCantPark.com

Hospital employee in too much of a hurry to park correctly. Every day at least one person is eligible to be included on this site. California DMV states the front and back wheels must be parallel and within 18 inches of the curb last time I checked.

Taking FULL advantage…

AmericaCantDrive.com - AmericaCantPark.com

…. of a handicapped spot.  This guy put his wheelchair in the spot and walked in… I swear!


AmericaCantDrive.com - AmericaCantPark.com AmericaCantDrive.com - AmericaCantPark.com

Please someone tell the girl drinving on a suspended license what a STOP sign means!

Too Old, Too Slow.


AmericaCantDrive.com - AmericaCantPark.com

Dude just pulled out and waited for traffic to clear on the other side of the road. Too bad he completely ignored the 10 cars he was blocking on his side of the road.

Can people really be that dumb? Seriously, people are effing stupid!


Thanks to everyone that has requested the cards.  We hope you get some GOOD USE out of them!  The cards are free and if anyone else would like some, please just make your request with your mailing address to:  submit@AmericaCantdrive.com

All you have to do is put one of these cards on the idiot parker’s car, snap a picture of the car, send it to us at AmericaCantDrive.com and we will post their picture.

Here is what the card looks like:






Download PDF by Clicking Here

Cops behaving badly…

This county deputy in Indianapolis was driving at a high rate of speed with only one working headlight, no lights, no sirens, just screaming down the road. I estimated his speed (before he slowed down to avoid hitting the car in front of him) to be in excess of 75 mph in a 55 mph zone. Nice to see the officer doing everything for which he’d give me a ticket.

Don’t Mind Me…

Management Cheapo vs. Oblivious Driver

AmericaCantPark.com - AmericaCantDrive.com

Ok, so management was too cheap to get rid of the old lines before they painted the new ones… BUT, with all of the other cars parked the other way… doesn’t this seem obvious?

Do not block…

Dosen’t the damn sign say to not block the intersection?

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