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The car disintegrated!

GREENE COUNTY, Ohio — Beavercreek police said the man driving the car that crashed on I-675 Monday morning, was arrested and released shortly before he slammed into the cement wall of an overpass.

That driver, 19-year-old Brennan Eden of Mason, was taken to Miami Valley Hospital in critical condition.

According to Beavercreek police, Eden was arrested for prohibition, drug paraphernalia and drug abuse after he was found in his car with a teen girl in a parking lot near the corner of Beaver Vu Dr. and North Fairfield Rd.

Police said they also found Eden to be in the possession of an unopened can of alcohol, a trace of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia inside the car. The juvenile girl was arrested for prohibition and released to the custody of her father.

Eden was cited for his violations and released. Police said he was cooperative throughout the investigation. The officer conducted a field sobriety test and he said there was no indication that Eden was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

He was released prior to 7 a.m. and within 15 minutes, Eden was involved in the crash.

At 7:15 a.m., the dashboard camera of a Sugercreek Township Police Officer’s cruiser captured Eden driving at a high rate of speed to the left side of I-675 near Indian Ripple Rd. The video shows the car striking a culvert and flew into the air, then hitting the Wagner Road Bridge overpass. The car broke into many pieces and Eden was ejected.

State troopers in Xenia are using that cruiser camera video to investigate the crash and determine how fast Eden was driving at the time of the crash.
Several witnesses said they believe the man was driving at least 100 miles per hour.

“I mean, I never seen a car fly like that,” said Rufus Thacker. He had driven a big rig down I-675 everyday for years. However, he had never seen anything like that. “He said hit probably over 100 miles an hour and I just happened to see the car airborne and break up in four pieces.” Thacker said.

The State Highway Patrol said Eden was ejected onto a highway shoulder. Troopers say he was alert and conscious after the crash and rushed to Miami Valley Hospital by Careflight.

A motorcycle can pull this off.

AmericaCantPark.com - AmericaCantDrive.com AmericaCantPark.com - AmericaCantDrive.com  AmericaCantPark.com - AmericaCantDrive.com

If I had done it…  I would have been towed!

Turn off your signal, and STOP AT THE LIGHT!

Is that a mower?

America Can't Park - America Can't Drive

Really? My apt complex parking lot I swear i’m not in Hicksville

Stay In Your Own Lane!

Here in Kansas, we have white dotted lines for left hand turns from a stop light. You are supposed to stay to the left or right, depending on which lane you are in. Lucky for us, the street we were turning onto was a 3 laner. Otherwise I would have been REALLY pissed.

Speed doesn’t kill, ladies and gentlemen, but drivers like these do!

May not look bad, but in real life, it was.

AmericaCantPark.com - AmericaCantDrive.com AmericaCantPark.com - AmericaCantDrive.com AmericaCantPark.com - AmericaCantDrive.com

This makes it very difficult to make the turn when cars are coming from both directions.

Just because you don’t have a top…

AmericaCantDrive.com - AmericaCantPark.com

… doesn’t give you the right to be a douche!  Horizontal parking, I understand not wanting to wait but there is no excuse for parking like this.


AmericaCantPark.com - AmericaCantDrive.com

Wait THERE while I get my food.

Site Admin: (haven’t we all done this a time or two? BUT, it still doesn’t make it right)

I don’t know WHY they would do it this way…

Kroger Bad Parker - America Can't Park

At Kroger.  Why there?  In that place.  Not even near the parking area.

Not even trying….

Stevens Point, WI isn’t even TRYING today.  First someone parks upside down, and now this?  How embarrassing…

What the????

Not only was this person parked OVER THE LINE, but they were UPSIDE DOWN TOO!  DAAAMMMNN.

I wanna PUSH you!

25mph in a 30mph with brakes… SPEED UP!  If you’re going to ride the brakes, at least go 31mph!

Just imagine how the FRONT looks!

HORRIBLE DRIVER, sporting ACD Car Magnet!

HORRIBLE DRIVER sporting America Can’t Drive Car Magnets Ironically!  Haha!
I was driving in to work this morning through Lawrence County, Ohio (South Point area) and I see this white, Kia Sedona van on Route 52 with the magnetized car stickers advertising www.americacantdrive.com on at least the passenger side AND the back of the vehicle.  It had Boyd County,Kentucky tags. LO AND BEHOLD — this Kia Sedona begins to TAILGATE dangerously close to the SUV in front of it — honestly, had the SUV in front of the Kia hit their brakes, the Kia driver (who seemed to be the only one in the vehicle) would have wound up sitting in the backseat of the car in front of them!  I found it crazy ironic that someone who encourages others with their car magnets to target “bad drivers” is a horrible driver themselves!

We crossed over into Huntington, WV from the Ohio bridge and while sitting at the light the same Kia Sedona is rolling forward almost hitting the car in front of them at the red light because she seems to be digging in her purse!  Way to go, WOMAN!  You are ironically ridiculous!  Would be happy to post pictures just did not have my camera cord to upload them here at work and I also have her license plate number.

Car from Kentucky, seen driving in Ohio

Caught on video: Van Runs Over Cyclist

Police in Washington Park, Illinois released store surveillance video showing a van hitting and dragging a bicyclist. The bicyclist survived the accident, that left him with bleeding on the brain and multiple broken bones and bruises. (Sept 9)

In a hurry?

Parking Snob

I understand wanting to protect your car from dings… But this kind of thing makes people want to scratch your car with a key.

Here I come!!

Watch the lady in front of me cut over to the right in front of the van. At least she used her signal, but if your gonna cut in at the last second, use it conjunction with the gas !

Johns Hopkins rd. & Rt. 29, Maryland, 6/3/2009

Pass or get out of the left lane!

Pass or get out of the left lane 1 Slow Left Lane Driver AmericaCantDrive.com - America Can't Drive Bad Driver - Pass or get out of the left lane - America Can't Drive

Maybe the dent in the back left of the trunk is from someone bumping in to him and trying to make him go faster in the left lane.  AAAAHHHHHHH!

(Video) Woman pushed out of moving vehicle

Police are looking for the man who pushed a 19-year-old woman his car on a Dallas-area highway. She suffered severe road rash. (Sept. 25, 2008)

HEADLINE: Box Spring Seen Flying On Interstate!

Flying Box Spring

How long before this flies off?  Free box spring anyone????


Notice as soon as the truck comes into the picture, he is in MY LANE! You may have to watch it again to catch it, but when I came around that corner, he was coming straight at me!

This video was taken with a stationary dash cam.

Parked on the sidewalk.

Parked on the sidewalk

Idiot blocking half the sidewalk.  What if someone in a wheelchair would try to stroll by….  Would be a little tight.

Lake George Village, NY

At first glance… Everything says this is wrong.

Gymnast Handicapped Spot

There’s a gymnastics instructor who parks her car in a handicapped spot at the elementary school to let out her three gymnastics daughters.  Many times blocking access for a mother with two CP daughters.

Her license plate even reads “**mnst” and that “G” on the window is her gymnastics school.



Really bad park job, just inconsiderate

Decided to go to Ryan’s for a nice lunch. Upon pulling into the parking lot, I said “ooooh, that’s such a nice looking car” and then looked down and said “ooohhhh now I finally get to use one of my ‘Learn How To Park’ cards!”

Very nice looking,well taken care of car. But for real dude, learn how to park!

Christiansburg, Va

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