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How to not drive with a trailer

This guy kept going into the other lane & occasionally over to the right off the rode. The trailer bumped around so much we thought it would come off!

Fast Lane Slug


Guy in the fast lane going 5 miles below the speed limit.  One of many examples of dumb driving in North Central Wisconsin.

Posted by Jesse in Hatley, WI


Get off of the beach before the tide comes in!

Not a”can’t drive” pic, but too priceless to pass up!

… the departed’s family couldn’t afford the hearse the funeral home was going to provide, so they decided to take good ol’ uncle Herbert to the cemetery themselves.  It was cheaper.

Headline: “AmericaCantDrive.com saves window!”

He’s got a nice car, sad thing is he does this every day of the week. Sitting at Hardees, drinking coffee. I’ve been watchin it for a while since I work next door. Thankfully, for him, your “AmericaCantDrive.com – Learn How To Park” cards saved him from a broken window.

Ya can’t get away from me!

This lady is still in the car!  This pic was submitted from a brave AmericaCantDrive.com loyalist. Please be safe and don’t get your butt kicked kind soul! :-)


You can’t be serious!?!?!?!?!

This idiot was too lazy to move the shopping cart so they could pull forward, so they just left it this way.

Fog related accidents…

The Drunk Van

As if….

… parking at WalMart isn’t bad enough.

The “10 under rule”

This Jeep was going 10 miles under the limit everywhere it went.  He was even going under the speed limit around the corners!

Sheriff, meet Slow Poke

You know you are going too slow when a Sheriff passes you on a curvy road!

I had 96 miles to prove it.

You would be surprised how many people refuse to use their headlights in the rain.  These pictures only are half of the ones that didn’t have their lights on.


Wisconsin State law Stipulates When Headlights Must Be Turned On
Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Nov 08, 2006

Since the sun rises later and sets earlier in the fall, drivers are required to use their headlights more frequently this time of year to see and be seen because of low light and low visibility conditions.

According to state law, motorists must have their headlights on during the period beginning 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise. Headlights also must be on whenever a driver cannot see a vehicle or person on the roadway at a distance of 500 feet or less.

“For the best visibility, high beams should be used whenever there are no oncoming vehicles. High beams let you see twice as far as low beams,” said State Patrol Superintendent David Collins. “However, you must dim your high beams whenever you approach an oncoming vehicle within 500 feet, which is a distance of about one block. High beams also should be dimmed when you are 500 feet or less behind another vehicle or when traffic is heavy. Low beams should be used when driving in fog, snow or heavy rain because the light from high beams will reflect off the precipitation and cause glare for the driver. Don’t drive with only your parking lights on. Parking lights are for parking only.”

A citation for failing to use headlights when required or failing to dim high beams within 500 feet of another vehicle will cost drivers $148.20 plus three demerit points on their record.

“Besides helping you see the road and other vehicles, headlights also help other drivers see you,” Superintendent Collins said. “Remember, if you have trouble seeing other vehicles, then other drivers will have trouble seeing you, so it’s wise to turn on your headlights. This is especially true on rainy, snowy or foggy days. A good rule to follow is that if you turn on your windshield wipers, turn on your headlights.”

Above story courtesy of:  http://www.trafficviolationlawfirms.com/regional-content.cfm/state/wi/Article/81001/Wisconsin-State-law-Stipulates-When.html

America Can’t Drive The Speed Limit!

Come On!!!!!


Kroger parking lot in Rocky Mount, VA.

That’s a good one guys…


Maybe this is one of those cruel “hidden camera” jokes where everyone in the parking lot moved their cars the other way 5 feet to make this person look like an idiot.  haha.. Good one guys..

For real????

Roller Derby…


Don’t go to the roller derby in Christiansburg, VA unless you go early… some people are taking extra spaces!!!

In a hurry?

As documented by my telestrator, you can see the path this driver used to get up on the white car’s bumper.

They were riding up the Red SVU’s rear end for about a mile, then slammed on the gas to do an incredibly douchey right lane/left lane pass that took about 2.7 seconds. As you can see, it appears that they are trying to drive through the white car’s tailpipe!

Tailgaters suck.

Take two… The long way!

This Mercury rolled up and out popped 4 clowns and they didn’t even notice that they were taking 2 parking spots, the long way.

Christiansburg, VA

You dinged a car, then drove off!

I saw this when I went out to grab a coffee today. Snapped the pic then went in to grab my breakfast. I watched a woman, a kid, and a teenage boy get in the car. The teenager banged the passenger door into the car on the passenger side. You know how if you open a door too quickly sometimes it will accidentally bounce off the car twice, yep a double-tap, that’s what happened. He looked down, and the woman motioned for him to get in the car.

Then they drove off. When I left I saw the car stopped at the golf store I shop at, so I snapped a pic of the back.

Don’t know if she is the officer or not, but I know the color of stickers mean different things. Green is a civilian who works on the base, blue for officer, and red for enlisted.

Panera Bread, Newport News, Virgina

When it rains… You need lights.

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