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Citizen’s Arrest!

This was submitted to AmericaCantDrive.com and it has been confirmed that this is a CROSS WALK.. NOT special parking for this idiot!


A typical drive to work.

(It looks like the driver has their foot on the brake as well)

Big Nose..

She needed the extree space to accommodate her big nosed car..  Give her a break.

Concerned about scratches??

If he’s that concerned about scratches, instead of taking up two spaces, he should keep it in the garage and drive something smaller…

S. High Street Taco Bell at lunch hour, Thursday July 22, 2010

The ice was slick…

If EVERYONE parked like this we could get two times the amount of cars in the mall parking lot at Christmas!

This shouldn’t be this hard.

THERE ARE LINES FOR A REASON. Seriously.. What is the problem?  Are we American’s just lazy?  This should be this hard!  ESPECIALLY when the spot is on the end… Just pull STRAIGHT IN!

In the way…

At this particular Kroger, the spot this person decided to park, is practically IN THE DRIVING LANE.  See the speed bump?

Moments Later ….

Is he for real????


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Pouring rain… No Lights

I can barely see ahead of me and these guys don’t have their lights on!


The Plate Says It All… EVIL PARKER!

Remember you can click on any picture on the site to see a larger version.

Wrong Way…

I would just like to point out the sheer amount of spaces this SUV is taking up.

White Line Phobia

The strangest driving town.

Drivers here go 10 – 15 mph below the speed limit all the time and do not understand the most basic road rules (like staying in one lane, looking before changing lane).  The problem is it is not just a few of the drivers but most of the original San Antonians.

I can only take pictures though when stopped.  So the fear of the white line is really the only thing I can catch on camera.  I’m really trying to catch the police officers when they do this, but I have only seen the cops when I don’t have a camera.



Note from Site Admin:  Dawn, we at AmericaCantDrive.com appreciate your dedication to the cause.  Thank you!

Hummer Road Signs

Parking or not



Double Five-O

I’d say this is self-explanatory. America Can’t Drive!

Posted by Jason in Roanoke, VA

Meanest Driver in the World

This is very mean, but also very funny

and OFF goes the hand…

… I certainly don’t wish bad things on people, but if she gets side swiped, hopefully the only thing she will lose is that NASTY ASS CIGARETTE!  Hopefully she will get to keep her hand and foot.

No Organization

It looks like there is no organization in this lot at all.. Everyone is just askew…

Motorcycle Rider Hit By SUV – He was acting stupid!

Brutal Car Wreck

Keep an eye on the pedestrian crossing the street.

Another one…


I just wanted to make sure everyone saw my nice car.  Haha.. Made ya look!  The lot was full and this jerk did this.  If I could have gotten in one of those spots, I would have just to piss him off.

Hello Georgia!

First Row Parking, Hampton Inn, Downtown Atlanta, Georgia

Young folk…

… and their parking.

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