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Wrong-way drunken driver hits speedometer trailer

Wrong-way drunken driver hits speedometer trailer when trying to turn around, cops say

An alleged drunken driver traveling in the wrong direction on Highway J in Rock County early Sunday morning collided with a speedometer trailer owned by the Sheriff’s Office when he tried to turn around, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

Deputies found Omar Estrada-Escobar in his stalled van in the middle of the road at 2:30 a.m. Sunday. He said he had been at a party and was driving home when the direction didn’t seem right. He executed an unsuccessful turnaround, visiting a drainage ditch and then clipping the sheriff’s office trailer before stalling his van in the road, the Sheriff’s office reported.

Estrada-Escobar’s arrest for operating a vehicle while intoxicated is his third, deputies reported.

The speed trailer was towed to the sheriff’s office for repairs. Estimates of damage were not available and Estrada-Escobar was not injured.


Story courtesy of:  http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/crime_and_courts/article_03b9178a-7e01-11df-bf55-001cc4c002e0.html

Now at Arby’s

“Arbys is now offering free multi parking spots for trucks. Just park wherever you feel and c’mon on in for a roast beef sandwich.”…jerk..

Advice from a reader.

I hope you use some common sense when you select pics to post, especially on parking.  I know you’re anxious to get submissions up and have a funny, successful web page, but don’t be in too big of a hurry just to post something.

When one idiot mis parks, then everyone beside him has to park on/over the lines too.  So if he leaves first, everyone else looks bad.  Not really their fault.  (no, you don’t have me on camera yet)

Other than that, pretty funny stuff.  Hope you’re not driving while taking pics. Plenty of idiot parkers and drivers here in the Star City.  Especially those who don’t know how to merge.

Construction Blues

Legal? Illegal? I have no idea.

One thing’s for sure, getting stuck behind a damn back hoe for 3 miles absolutely sucks!


Maybe it was because of the BIG RED X I put there.

Three Goats and a Sharp Left

I presume this driver is going to make a left turn on his way TO or FROM the market. This picture was submitted with no story.  If he is turning left, which it certainly would appear he is, he has started his turn WAY too early, and is in the oncoming traffic lane…

BUT, in all fairness, he may have been trying not to make a sharp turn in consideration for the goats that are trying to STAND in the back of his truck.  Isn’t he nice?  Awwwwwe

The smoke is in her eyes..

I was pumping gas the other day when a hear a crunch…  I look over where the noise came from to see a lady had hit the poll that protects the pumps.  I then notice the car that looks like someone side swiped something, backs up and then pulls forward into pump gas. I then glance over at the pump in front of me and the guy pumping is looking over the top and sides of his pump to see whats going on (I’m laughing at this point). The guy looks over at me and says I think the smoke got in her eyes.  Sure enough she’s smoking a cigarette!  After clearing the tears from my eyes from laughter.  I look at the guy and he says “it’s like a crash derby race out here”.  Laughing I agree and bring notice to the side of her car.  By this time the guy opens up his door, looks at me and says “be careful out there”!  I nod and he drives off…

About that time the lady gets out of her car, looks at me and says “My husband did that” as she points to her car.  I wanted to ask her if that made hitting the poll better, but was afraid I would get punched.

Two lessons should be learned here:

1) When getting ready to get gas extinguish ALL smoking materiel BEFORE pulling into the gas station.  For smoke could get in your eyes causing a crash, or and explosion.

2) when observing such things happen make sure the person you are talking about have there windows up so they can’t hear what you are saying!

Brambleton Avenue Kroger gas station

AmericaCantDrive.com is looking for submissions!

Please keep your eyes open for that SLOW LEFT LANE DRIVER or the OBLIVIOUS PERSON that is just doing stupid things while driving.. The motorcyle rider that is swerving in and out of traffic.

We’d love to have the picture from your city and give you credit for exposing that idiot!

You can text your pics to 540-892-9312 or email Submit@AmericaCantDrive.com


Stop or not???

At this point.. Shouldn’t he have just kept going?  He’s basically already run the red light.

Maybe they usually drive a bigger car…

… and BOTH of those spots belong to her… Hmmm.

SERIOUS Parking Fail.

Why… There is still PLENTY of room… Right?

My first use of my “Learn how to park” card! Finally! What Gets me is this tiny Aveo just had to take up two spots.

Salem gazebo flattened

Source: Roanoke.com

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Now THAT’S funny..

THESE will do just fine.

2 for 1 parking job.  Selfish Bastard.

We’ve gotten a little behind..

Sorry it’s been a couple of days since we’ve posted anything on AmericaCantDrive.com.  We have a new project with http://PetRockLester.com and we’ve been trying to promote and build content on that site.  Please check it out.

We sincerely appreciate your visiting AmericaCantDrive.com and all of your contributions!

Safe Driving!

Doesn’t look that bad…

BUT, it’s still wrong.

Lumber Truck crashes in to a home.

Lumber truck flies off runaway truck ramp, crashes into home in Lake Tahoe-area neighborhood

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. (AP) — A truck hauling lumber on a Nevada highway raced up a runaway truck ramp, flew into the air and crashed into a house in an upscale neighborhood near Lake Tahoe.

Fire officials say the truck burst into flames and set the house on fire but a 19-year-old woman inside the living room at the time escaped unharmed.

North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District Chief Mike Brown says the house will have to be shored up before officials can reach the driver. He is believed to be dead inside the cab.

The truck was heading down the Mount Rose Highway when the accident occurred early Friday morning.

The home’s owner, Damon Ewasko, says a similar accident involving a gravel truck occurred in the late 1990s before he bought the house, but it did not cause as much damage.

Information from: Reno Gazette-Journal, http://www.rgj.com

Story courtesy of FoxNews.com:  http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/06/18/lumber-truck-flies-runaway-truck-ramp-crashes-home-lake-tahoe-area-neighborhood/  

Even if you are in a hurry..

How can you not realize you’ve parked like this???

I can beat it.. I can beat it..

S**T.. I couldn’t beat it.

Man killed in motorcycle accident in Roanoke, VA

A man was killed in a motorcycle accident on Tazewell Avenue in Roanoke, he hit a telephone pole and was killed.

According to a spokesperson with the Roanoke City police department, a man crashed a motorcycle around 4:45 p.m. in the 1200 block of Tazewell Avenue. That’s in the Southeast part of Roanoke.

The man was taken to Roanoke Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident. Tazewell Avenue was closed from 12th Street to 13th Street for most of the evening.

Story courtesy of WDBJ7.  The link to the story is:  http://www.wdbj7.com/Global/story.asp?S=12677780

Come on now…

Los Angeles & San Francisco, CA

AmericaCantDrive.com gets a great deal of traffic from Los Angeles and San Francisco, yet very few submissions.  I’ve lived in the Bay Area, so I KNOW what traffic is like there! 

Scouthern CA and the Bay Area.. AmericaCantDrive.com is lookin’ for your bad drivers and parkers!

Let’s see ‘em!

Car found dead today on Diversy Parkway.

In lieu of flowers SEND MONEY!

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