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Woman sues Google Maps after being hit by a car.

This story is insane.  This woman chose to walk on a busy highway because that is the route Google Maps told her to use.  WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO COMMON SENSE???? 

Read the full story from http://theconsumerist.com by clicking  HERE!

Which CITY or STATE has the worst drivers?

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Kansas wins smartest in national vote, New York the dumbest.  Read the story HERE.

Who is worse? The submittED or the submittER?

I understand why this person was submitted, it just plays along the lines of people just don’t really pay attention when they drive.  Right signal on because they just left the freeway, and at the end of the ramp, they are turning left, but forgot to indicate that with the signal.

I find it ironic that the submittER has a crack running all the way across the bottom of the windshield.  Hmmmm…

P.S.  Thanks for the submission! :-)

Just in the way… Really.. IN THE WAY!


How hard would it have been to back this truck up, and pull COMPLETELY in to the spot straight???  If the spot wasn’t long enough.. He/she should have gone further down the lot and pulled in and over the center line so as not to stick out in to the driving lane..

Then AmericaCantDrive.com would have gotten him/her for doing that.. :-)

Haven’t we all done this?

I’ve been guilty of this too.. I’m just waiting for someone to get a picture of one of us at AmericaCantDrive.com doing it, or for that matter.. Anything..  We’re just darn good drivers!  We at AmericaCantDrive.com have website promotional material all over our vehicles.  Catch one of us doing something wrong or stupid (in the car of course), submit the picture, and we’ll post it!

Blind Driver… Seriously!


That’s just beautiful…

Roanoke, VA… again.  Do other cities and states have this many inconsiderate drivers or should I say parkers?

Another dick with a van who can’t park!

It’s hard to tell in the glare, but there’s a big, yellow parking line right underneath this van. He’s also taking up the front two spaces. At least park in the back if you don’t know how to maneuver your P.O.S. van! I’ve got a feeling that all those big dents in the back are self-inflicted.


You know, this could seem petty.. the fact that this vehicle has been posted for such a “minor” infraction with parking.  BUT, the lines are there for a reason… Right?

And THIS one… This exact parking spot (below) has this exact issue EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It seems we get submissions from this particular spot all of the time.  Is it WalMart’s fault for painting the lines in a different direction or should the driver pay attention and park like they aren’t retarded?

The shoulder is NOT a lane!

This dude was flying up the shoulder long before I was able to get this picture.

This is dangerous driving at it’s finest.

What if a kid was riding their bike or a car was stranded in the shoulder?


Push it in just a LITTLE further….

There seems to be an epidemic of people not pulling completely in to parking spots… WHY?????

I’m Awesome!

Here’s why…

Yeah, there were no spaces when I got here but I’m awesome so I’ll just do this!  You think I care if I’m parked in a No Parking Zone with half my truck up on a curb?

Hell no. I’m awesome!

Lewis Gale Hospital – Salem, VA

You’ve crossed the line now buddy!

It’s not as long as I thought it was … (sigh)

Why not back up all the way?

Slow day on Route 66


The speed limit is 55, not 40.  When a truck hauling logs is on your bumper, that should be a hint to drive faster.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the semi passing in a no passing zone.  In short, you are pissing people off.


A good friend of AmericaCantDrive.com put his life on the line to get this shot.  The driver of this van knew he had been had and angrily pulled the gear lever from PARK to REVERSE when he saw our friend Ty take out his camera phone.  “YOU’LL NEVER GET ME!” shrieked the driver, and according to Ty, followed it with an evil laugh as though Ty was his next victim. 

But fearless and brave Ty stood his ground like a matador facing an angry red bull!  “Get the shot, no matter what it takes” says this talented photographer. 

When asked what it was like when the driver put the van in reverse, our friend Ty, in a soft and shaken voice said “I don’t really remember, it happened so fast, yet in slow motion!”  This driver’s inconsideration for his fellow drivers is deplorable! 



Lane ends… Lane ends… “Oh look! This lane ends!”

The orange sign you see in front of  the brown SUV and green car in the left lane says, “LANE ENDS MERGE RIGHT.”  Before that were two other signs that said, “LANE ENDS 1500 FEET MERGE RIGHT” and “LANE ENDS 500 FEET MERGE RIGHT.”  They finally got in behind me because the driver behind me was in La-La Land.  There was no way I was letting them in!

Lexington, KY

Careless cell user kills woman instantly.


This is not something new This accident happened on September 28th, 2005 in Riverview FL. A careless driver on a cell phone blazed through a red light at 55 mph and struck my mom’s drivers door as she was going 20 mph attempting to make a left turn towards home. Her car was pushed 40 feet and my mom’s neck was broken in 2 places. She died instantly. As her daughter, and someone that had to go to the scene to identify her, I can’t tell you enough- DRIVE SAFELY! OTHER PEOPLES LIVES DEPEND ON IT! My Mom always wore her seltbelt and was a very cautious driver. My sister and I, her fiance’ (she was due to marry him the next week) , brother and grandson will miss her forever. The other driver has not been charged with anything due to no witnesses willing to get involved and make a statement at the scene.

Melissa T.

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Where are YOU going?

Three foot wide shoulders a 1/2 mile before the light are not Right Turn Only lanes.

This knucklehead only got past the Smart Car then sat in traffic with the rest of us.

Being fat is NOT a handicap!

I wish you could see how ably this “disabled” person can walk. She didn’t even have a handicapped parking pass.

Who put that fence there?

Am I the first to submit a picture that doesn’t actually have a car in it?

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Parallel Parking FAIL

Bumpers and Brake Lights, Who needs ‘em?


I’m unsure if bumpers are required, but I sure do know that brake lights are…

I can make more parking spaces!

Yes this parking job is illegal. But I imagine the thought process along these lines: If someone else parks wrong first in a handicap spot and I come along with a handicap tag also I can park next to them and make one space hold two cars. And when I leave someone else can come along and also park where I am. See I did the correct thing and made more spots for people to park.

San Antonio, TX

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