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Every car in the picture is in more than one spot.

Maybe she CAN drive, but she can’t pump..


This lady pulled up to the pump next to mine, jumped out and began to fill up, all the while with a cell phone shoved in her ear. (Which may or may not be an explosion hazard, but why be stupid?) Then she hops back in the van to chat some more (which IS the major cause of static electricity explosions) while her potential firebomb fills up. I halfway expected her to fire up a cigarette before I could get out of there.

Dear readers, don’t be ignorant at the gas station. The poor person you incinerate might be me.

Georgetown, KY



Are you kidding me, Lady?
Ever seen someone try to make a Left Turn from the middle lane?

Now you have.

I locked my brakes to avoid hitting this friggin’ moron!
Roanoke, VA

Do you see the BOOB in this picture?




Please notice the bumper to bumper traffic moving at about 35mph, but also notice that  the moped is going between the moving vehicles… Although legal in California, it ISN’T LEGAL IN VIRGINIA.  This is the kind of stupidity that I wish would just stay in California and not contaminate the rest of the country.  This boob is in Virginia, and not even on a real motorcycle.. Top speed on his hot rod can’t be more than 40 or so… Were we going too slow for him?  I guess we were.

Old ladies are passing you on the right!


I really don’t think I’m over reacting to people like this… He was on his cell phone, in the left lane, his old ass truck had exhaust spewing from the back and he is oblivious to the traffic that is just flying by him on the right.. I gave him a chance by thinking, “maybe he isn’t an ass holding up traffic, maybe he’s going to turn left… ” Nope, that didn’t happen .. he is just an ass..

Parking Lot Fail… WTF???

Parking lot fail!

Saw this truck roll up to their “parking spot” and not care one bit how she left it.
East Greenbush (Albany), NY

More fun with old people…



Classic Old People Move!

Do 30 MPH in the left lane, while everyone on the road is passing them on the right.
(Except for me, of course)

I’m shocked that these fossils are even allowed to drive.
Roanoke, VA

And it wasn’t even Sunday…

If you click on the picture you can see his cute little straw hat… But that STILL didn’t keep me from being frustrated because he was going 10mph under the speed limit!  Freakin’ Sunday driver on Saturday.

She wasn’t paying attention.


Do you see a motorcycle in the picture above??


Now do you see it?


The Honda crotch rocket rider was traveling at approximately 85 mph. The VW driver was talking on a cell phone when she pulled out from a side street, apparently not seeing the
motorcycle. The riders reaction time was not sufficient enough to avoid this accident.

The car had two passengers and the bike rider was found INSIDE the car with them.
The Volkswagen actually flipped over from the force of impact and landed 20 feet from where the collision took place.  All three involved (two in the car and the bike rider) were killed instantly.

This graphic demonstration was placed at the Motorcycle Fair by the Police and Road Safety Department..

Pass this on to car drivers or soon to be new drivers, or new motorcycle owners

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Save a life…

Take extra care if talking on Cell phones when driving – use a hands free device or speaker phone.  And for everyone’s benefit,  PLEASE DON’T TEXT MESSAGE WHILE DRIVING!

The life you save may be your own….. or mine…  

(NOTE FROM SITE ADMIN:  AmericaCantDrive.com is a site dedicated to safe driving, that’s why we expose those who don’t.  We at AmericaCantDrive.com understand the dangers of using your cell phone to take pictures while driving and DO NOT encourage it.  There are opportunities at stop lights, in parking lots, or if you have a passenger in the vehicle with you, when you will have the opportunity to get a picture to submit to the site.  Our motto is “Get revenge on the web, not the road”… Remember.. SAFETY FIRST.  Thank you for visiting and supporting AmericaCantDrive.com)

Yet again Roanoke, VA wins for bad parking…

I can make it, I can make it, I can block half an intersection.

At this intersection there are always people trying to pull through the light thinking they’ll just manage to squeeze in when the traffic they are turning in to isn’t moving. This leaves them sticking out in to the intersection causing other traffic to have to weave around them.

Elm Ave. in Roanoke, VA

Stupidville – Population: This Guy


Talk about a smorgasbord of stupidity!

– Illegally operating an off-road vehicle
– No helmet
– Big fat guy riding a kid’s ATV
– Not stopping at stop sign
– Failing to yield to a 2,000 pound car behind him

I won’t even mention the nasty plumber’s crack I was exposed to while waiting for this mental midget to get off the road.
Roanoke, VA

Here.. Let me move over so you can have some room.


This impulse makes me want to con-vulse

Movie Rentard


This elderly driver (standing, left) just couldn’t wait to get to the redbox. She stopped that red Ford sedan in the road and parked it there for 5-10 minutes while she waited in line to pick out a DVD. See those things in my rear-view mirror? Those are empty parking spaces she could have used.

Lexington, KY



Notice where the truck is in this picture (above) … Now look at the picture below.  In two clicks of my camera shutter, the truck has passed this idiot that much.  That is how slow this van was going in the left lane.


Is this inconsiderate?



Help me understand this…


Please help me understand this… This is the second picture we’ve gotten from this very parking spot.  Can anyone with a handicapped sticker park in any handicapped spot even if it is specifically marked for the VAN?  As you can see, there is an open handicapped spot beside the van in this picture. 

If a handicapped van were to come along and needed this space, it would be too big for the other side… Is this just as wrong as someone that is not handicapped using this space?

I believe so.  I think it is just laziness.

Road signs are irrelevant to the oblivious

Is it just me, or does anyone else think it’s absurd that road signs need to be posted to tell people what they should already know?  Examples: “Do Not Block Intersection” and “Keep Right Except To Pass.”  Road signs are irrelevant to the oblivious.

Lexington, KY

North Carolina Drivers.. YOU SUCK!

Watch out for this idiot!

I was at the light coming out of the mall, in one of the TWO Left Turn Only lanes, when this ignorant ass decided that she wanted to be in my lane.

We were making the left turn side by side when she cut right in front of me and almost ran me into a telephone pole. Oh, did I mention she had a face full of french fries and seemed more concerned about them than the dude she almost ran off the road?

Stupid b*tch!  The best thing I can do is post her picture and urge you to watch out for this nitwit from North Carolina.

Tanglewood Mall – Roanoke, VA

Intersection of Elm and Stupid

You can see the Sliver and Black cars have pulled in to the intersection in hopes that they’ll be able to squeeze in behind the backed up traffic waiting to pass the next intersection. The Black vehicle manages to get mostly out of the way but you’ll in the last couple of images the silver car is now stuck in the middle of traffic that has to maneuver around them.

Elm Ave Roanoke, VA

That’s fine block the intersection, I don’t need to get back to work.

Sat here in front of the blocked intersection so long the light turned red again…

Posted by Blair from Roanoke, VA

One of us..

When someone proudly displays our message magnet on their vehicle, we expect them to be on their best behavior….

Unfortunately, this is what I saw….

NOONE is safe from our cameras… Not even, one of us.

The Radio Cookbook asks the question of this driver… Really?

This skilled driver is in Omaha, Nebraska.

Photo courtesy of “The Radio Cookbook”  www.theradiocookbook.com.

My car is WAY better than yours.. That’s why I parked on the sidewalk

This car was way too nice to park in the lot with the other cars. Hard to tell from the pic, but it is actually parked on the sidewalk to the entrance to the gym! Supposedly the alarm kept going off when people parked next to it so he had to move it to right where people walk in…umm..ok. There is a huge parking lot down below that is practically empty at lunch, walk the extra distance. Such an idiot.

Alison @ Golds Gym – Airport Road, Roanoke, VA

(Note from site admin:  Is it possible that this is a promotional vehicle and the Gym gave permission to park the vehicle at the entrance?)

(2nd note from site admin: It is a nice car) :-)

Was this really necessary?

I came out one day to the sight of THIS parking jerk! I couldn’t even get in my car on that side. Thankfully the person on the passenger side didn’t park so close and I was able to climb in from the passenger side. If I’d had a piece of paper, that person would have had a real nice note waiting for them!

Alison in Roanoke, VA – Church Avenue Garage

(Note from site admin: Next time, if possible get some paper and leave the note, “see your jerk ass self at AmericaCantDrive.com”)

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