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Which state has the worst drivers?

There seem to be posts on this site of people simply not paying attention while driving or parking! Which state has the worst drivers? It seems to be between Virginia and Kentucky!

Can you hear me now?

I live in a small town with an even smaller population! I swear they get in the fast lane to talk to the person in the other lane! what kind of sh*t is that? and their excuse- drivin and talking on the phone is bad… yea so we p*ss off other drivers! GET OFF THE ROAD ALREADY!!

Barbie in Johnsonville, Tennessee


I’m in Washington and people think when it’s misting a little bit that it’s ok to have their wipers on full blast and go 30 on the freeway!! HELLO!? ARE YOU JOKING!? You live in Washington. IT RAINS! Get the hell over it and learn how to drive, considering most of you have probably lived here for your entire life! What!? You think your car is gonna just FLY away from the rain? NEWSFLASH: Nope.

Ashley in Washington

It’s not as big as I thought it was!

I'm not as BIG as I thought

A co-worker here at AmericaCantDrive.com usually has a bit of trouble parking.  Although she is in the lines, it’s funny because we all want to believe it’s longer than it is.

Focus on your driving not your camera phone.

I found this site looking for photos of poor parking, after I made my bad parking contribution (below) I looked around some more.

How many of you Morons are so self important that you think driving down the road at speed is safe with a camera phone in hand. Do you really think YOU are a better Driver than the person you are trying to bust.   Think again.  That moron your trying to bust for going slow in the left lane, or whatever, may suddenly change lanes, and how are you going to react with a camera in your hands?

All over this site.

Apparently they think those white lines are border fences…


What were they thinking????

1 Van taking up 4 Spaces… If I had 3 more cars like mine (Smart Car) we could have parked this guy in legally
IL Tollway Oasis

Big Ass Boat!


This real estate agent apparently thinks that when she goes to the grocery store, she can park her big ass house boat in as many spaces as she wants. Way to block off 2 of the closest spaces for the old ladies who really need them!

WTH Roanoke… learn how to park!

Two for one…

This is just lazy people who don’t want to walk from where parking spaces are available.

Picture Posted by Jack in Roanoke, VA

World’s Worst Park Job

The cars are TOUCHING! Not close, they are making contact! Someone hit the other person’s car. There is denting involved. Where I’m from, that’s called an accident. WTF!

Posted by Kyle in Roanoke, VA (Tanglewood Mall)

Handicapped Van? Or just inconsiderate driver?


I’m gonna say insonsiderate driver.

To the Ahole who keeps cutting me off…

This goes out to the A**hole who every day(it’s the same car everday mind you) decides that they’re too impatient for me to take 2 seconds to look into my mirror and merge left off the Toms Creek Exit onto 460 East. Just because you’re inconsiderate doesn’t mean you can cut into two lanes of traffic in front of other cars and keep the person in front of you from pulling over first. I’ve decided that if this happens one more time, you will be buying me a new 2009 Ford Focus to replace my focus.

Posted by Amanda in Blacksburg, VA

Co-worker can’t park

I love my fellow co-worker…but parking a huge truck in the employee parking lot where there are not many spaces available…is it necessary to take up two spaces???Love you girl!

Colonial Ave, Roanoke, VA

Roanoke Can’t Park… again…

Driving in Turn Only Lane

See the black car circled in red?  Now look at the other pictures, taken from Google maps. The X marks the spot about where the driver got in the middle TURN lane.  Notice the building to the left of the car is an entire block long. The arrow shows where he made his left turn.

Posted by Jeff in Lexington, KY

I’m more important

Yes, I am the most important person driving and I do not have to wait in the correct lane. When I decide to get into the lane I want everyone else can wait behind me, because I drive a cute little bug. I just know everyone is impressed.

San Antonio, TX

No turn on red..


The city really messed up here. They put a “No Turn On Red” sign next to the traffic light, when you can obviously make the turn, simply by doing it anyway. They placed the “Stop Here” line about 30 feet further back than it needs to be. But the most amazing one of all is the train tracks were dangerously placed right where people are making their illegal turns!

Lexington, KY

I’m Sorry.. I didn’t know it was YOU!

Miss a turn? In the wrong lane? No problem. You have the right-of-way over other drivers, because it’s YOU. So just stick the nose of your car into the lane you want to get in. No need to signal either. Other drivers should yield, because who do they think they are… YOU?

Lexington, KY

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