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Fuel Efficient?

Fuel Efficient?

Just do it anywhere..

Anywhere will be fine...

3 Spaces… Really?


3 Spaces... Really?

Dickbag decides that his Civic requires not one, not two, but THREE parking spaces.  I wasn’t even aware this was physically possible to do with a Civic. I was wrong.

Nokesville, VA

Get the hell out of the way!

Get the hell out of the way! 

Doing 35 mph in the left lane on the Mass Pike will get you beat up! Speed Limit is 65. Seriously, what business does an idiot like this have being on the roads? Wicked annoying to say the least. 

Worcester, Massachusetts

It’s just a cop.. RELAX!

It's just a cop... RELAX!

That is a police car in the distance. Notice that NO ONE is anywhere near him. That’s because they’re all doing 10 mph below the speed limit and I just passed all of them! WTF you morons. Do the speed limit and you’ll be fine!!!

Posted by Kyle in Salem, VA

Even more bad parking in Roanoke, VA

Posted by Jack – Plantation Road, Roanoke, VA

Gaps between vehicles

Look at the gap between the red SUV and the van in front of it.  This is an example of drivers who don’t pay attention to their surroundings.  Behind that SUV is a line of traffic backed up to an intersection.  More vehicles could get through that intersection if the driver would move up!

Posted by Jeff in Lexington, KY

There’s my car

Not really bad driving here, just found this to be funny. It would seem the owner of this car hadn’t driven it in sometime given the amount of snow it was buried in. I wish I’d have gotten a picture of it a few days earlier before the snow had started to melt.

Roanoke, VA

More bad parking in Roanoke, VA

NOT even a parking space out side K&W cafeteria.

Posted by Jack in Roanoke, VA.

Mullet cut me off

Woman has a mullet and just darted in front of us in the drive-thru line.

Posted by Jack in Roanoke, VA

After several attempts to get it right and STILL nothing…


After several attempts to get it right and STILL... Nothin'

They pulled in and out about four times before deciding this was a perfect spot.

Posted by Jack in Roanoke, VA

Spilled Salt = Bad Luck

You know it’s bad when the people hired to make our roads safe to drive on can’t drive themselves. Click HERE for the New River Valley Blog story. GREAT PICTURES!

Christiansburg, VA

I’m a teenager, I can do what I want…


Teen parking?

I witnessed what appeared to be two teenage girls (they may have been in their early twenties) park in this spot.  There is no handicapped plate, nor is there a sticker or anything to indicate they were disabled.  Of course I saw them get out of the car and walk right in to the store.

Posted by Sue in Roanoke, VA

I don’t need to see what’s behind me!

Snow Covered Window

Why do I need to see BEHIND me?  I’m only driving FORWARD.

Posted by Jeff in Lexington, KY

Why??? Flipped Car.

Snow Flipped

This upside down car was in front of my house an hour ago. Roads are definitely slippery here in Western PA.  Why would someone be driving fast enough to flip a car on a neighborhood street during a snow storm?

Monica Brookes Drives Like Crap!

Monica trying to prove there is plenty of room.

Danny from K92 in Roanoke submitted this picture because his co-host Monica parked so close to him he couldn’t get in his car.

Look at THIS Jerk!


He’s parked halfway in a Handicap space! geez!

Posted by John in Sacramento, CA.

The wheels on the bus go in the wrong lane!

Notice the rain covered roads making braking more difficult. I had come to a stop already – why? The bus decided from the lane beside of me that it suddenly did not want to turn with the lane it was in and could in fact go straight, cut me off and nearly clip oncoming traffic.

Posted by Trena in Lynchburg, VA

“My truck is this big so I’ll park however I want”

I don’t know if it was the “my truck is this big so I’ll park however I want” mentality or if they were just scared of that tiny patch of snow. This was at Target in Lynchburg and as you can see the parking lot was clear and there were plenty of OPEN spaces. Despite the way it looks – they were not driving through the spaces – this was PARKED. Ugh.

Posted by Trena in Lynchburg, VA

I see you.. and it’s a GOOD THING I DID!


No headlights at dusk in the rain

If you look closely you’ll see a truck, driving in the rain, near dusk, without any headlights on.  If you didn’t see it immediately, don’t worry, you’ll see it after you change lanes and collide with it, because it’s a truck, DRIVING IN THE RAIN, NEAR DUSK, WITHOUT ANY HEADLIGHTS ON!

Posted by Jeff in Lexington, KY

What the F?????

Posted by Eli in Roanoke, VA

Virginia Can’t Park… AGAIN!

Oooh man, good thing you gave your peice of sh** chevy cavalier all that extra room so no one hits it!  God forbit one of your neighbors in the trailer park see a scratch on your baby.  Learn how not to be a douchebag!

Posted by Jethro, KROGER parking lot – cave spring corner Roanoke, VA

Brett Can’t Park

Am I wrong or is he justified?  Leave a comment.  Let me know your thoughts.

After seeing the error of his ways.. he corrected the problem. Was that so hard Brett? :-)

Posted by Kevin in Roanoke, VA

Senior Citizen Fun.


This woman, who was probably born during the Lincoln Administration, was dong 30 MPH in the left lane on Electric Road. To make matters worse, she was lost and kept hitting the brakes every 5 seconds. GET OFF THE ROAD GRANNY!

Posted by Robert in Roanoke, VA

Lane Hoggers and Drifters

Yes, we all pay taxes but this doesn’t mean you can drive in two friggin’ lanes anytime you choose.  Recently I was trying to simply go past a blue Dodge Van on a two lane highway going the same direction.  Every time I attempted to simply drive in my lane past that vehicle, he drifted over into my lane.  The guy did it several times to the point that I thought he was intentionally not wanting me to move past him down the road.  Eventually I shot past him and looked back in the rear view mirror and saw that he was on his cell phone and using his hands to talk letting the steering wheel go.  OMG! Hello, you’re not the only person on the road dude.  Hang up the phone and drive. You’re endangering the lives of everyone else.

Posted by Sparky in Charlotte, NC

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