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Stupid driver in the left lane

Dear driver I met on 460, Please do not attempt to drive 5 miles under the speed limit in the LEFT LANE and not expect to get any horns blaring or weird looks. No, flipping me off will not help your situation, because I’m still going to pass you in the right lane.

Posted by Amanda in Blacksburg, VA

Come on over

This winner decided to just fly across all of the lanes on Electric Road, at the intersection of Apperson, cutting me off and almost causing a wreck in the middle lane. At least 3 people were beeping at this driver who didn’t seem to have a clue they were doing anything wrong. At least they had the turn signal on even if they didn’t check to see who they might hit on their way over to the left lane.

Posted by Tony in Roanoke, VA

Speed Racer

This jerk had the left lane to pass me, but chose instead to drive up on my butt and back off over and over before he decided to pass. This was on 460 west in Montvale, VA. I’m posting his picture just because he is a jerk.

Posted by Julie in Salem, VA

Clean off your damn car!!


This is my biggest annoyance after it snows… “that jerk” driving down the highway dumping snow back all over the road and the cars behind them. I’m not saying your car needs to be spotless but at least try the roof especially. When I passed this woman about half of her visibility was gone because of the snow built up on the hood of your car.

Sure, I’ll take your snow for you… A**hole!

This needs no explanation. 581 North in Roanoke, VA.

Posted by Kevin in Roanoke, VA

Snow Driving Disaster

Snow Driving SUV Fail

Whoever was driving this Dodge SUV today around Brandon Avenue in Roanoke, VA must have been under the misconception that when driving down hill in snow it is best to slam and hold your brakes. I’m sure any one of the 8 people in this vehicle could have operated it in a more appropriate manner. Not only did the driver slam on the brakes while going down a hill, but also while crossing the bridge over 581. Brakes+Bridges+Ice=disaster.
Brandon Rd,

Posted by Elliot in Roanoke, VA

Just cause your car is BIG doesn’t mean you get both lanes!!!

So I was coming off I-81 today, I merged on to Thompson Memorial Dr., in Salem, VA, as I always do on the way home. I came up on the back of a Silver Nissian Armada. This apparently lost driver was going around 20-25 mph in a 45 mph zone. As I merged into the other lane to go around them, they cut me off. So as I slammed my brakes and laid down on the horn, this idiot decided to slam on their brakes and start giving me the good ole’ California Welcome while shouting at their window. Just do me a favor and stay off the road.(or buy a car that you can actually see over the steering wheel!!!!!)

Posted by Smitty in Salem, VA

True Senile Driving

Grey Lincoln VA License Plate ***-5478 merges from left lane to right with just enough space between me and the car in front of me to fit his car into. He then proceeds the entire time going 5-10 MPH under the speed limit. He finally turns on his turn signal 3 blocks away from his intended turn and then almost comes to a complete stop (without exaggeration) while making his turn. My personal message to this driver is simply DRIVE OR GET OFF THE ROAD! ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE CUTTING OFF A 26,000+ Ib. VEHICLE!
Peters Creek Road in Roanoke.

Posted by Brandon in Roanoke, VA

Schuykill Expressway Slowpoke

This moron was doing 50 mph in the left lane of the Schuykill Expressway! Outside of rush hour, the Schuykill is like a race track and this jerk almost caused a few accidents. GET THE F#$% OUT OF THE WAY!!!

Posted by Joey in Philadelphia, PA

Driving Slow in the Passing Lane

There is absolutely no traffic ahead in either lane, so the driver of the minivan had no reason to be in the left (PASSING!) lane. My cruise was set at 70mph and I passed them easily, so I’d estimate their speed was 60mph. I looked in the rear view mirror after passing and saw a group of cars approaching. The minivan never left the passing lane.

Posted by Jeff in Lexington, KY


This person was driving below the speed limit in the “passing” lane with a line of cars behind her.  The right lane was going slow as well.  When I finally got through the traffic, as you can see, the right lane was completely empty in front of her.  Get out of the way Granny… 460 in Roanoke, VA

Posted by Kevin in Roanoke, VA

Virginia Can’t Handle Snow!

Listen MORON! Brush your damn car off before that snowy sh*t storm falls off into MY car! Ass.

Posted by Jethro in Harrisonburg, VA


THIS BACKUP @ 581 South Entrance from Orange Avenue:

581 Entrance Backed Up..

Was caused by THIS IDIOT IN A BLUE SUBARU OUTBACK STOPPING AT THE YIELD SIGN WHEN NOTHING WAS COMING! It’s a good thing the rain kept me from reading your license plate clearly. There is an accelleration lane there for a reason a**hole!

Subaru Outback

Posted by Kevin in Roanoke, Virginia

Parking Fail

As if that little parking garage isn’t tight enough, your decision to park your car in a non-parking space made it nearly impossible to maneuver my way around your car to get out of the garage this AM. I saw two other vehicles struggle with the same challenge before me. I know it was early, but geeze. There were vertical lines painted on the ground where you parked for a reason.

Posted by Travis in South Carolina

Bad Move

This driver went around a vehicle turning left and slammed into a hill and rolled it onto its side.

Posted by Leon in Worcester, MA.

Good job V-DOT

Can’t use the right turn lane here on Electric Road turning right on to Starky Road.

Posted by Jeff in Roanoke, VA.

Illegal UTurn by 419 West

Illegal U Turn

 Illegal UTurn by 419 West. F***in senior citizens almost caused an accident.

Posted by Bob in Roanoke, VA.

The Dark Road Home

I was driving home, out in the country where when it’s dark it’s DARK, and some idiot decides to run a red light while I’m coming at him at 60mph, I slam on my brakes, to let him go by, and he stops in the middle of the intersection. HONESTLY! Next time I won’t hit my brakes and stop a foot from you door I’ll just hit you and send you into the ditch! Learn how to drive!!!!

Posted by Kayla NW Michigan

Boxed in by Idiots!

Driving home from work last night and went through a fairly busy part of town. On my right? A guy on a motorcycle doing wheelies every few feet. On my left? A teenage chick text messaging and talking to people in her car hogging my lane. I’d love to have pulled away from them but in front of me was a tricked out Caddy going 5 miles an hour so everyone could see. I would love it if people on the road would pay attention to the ONE thing they need to be doing – DRIVING!! Your default picture for this page says it all. Just because you have the license and the car does NOT mean you know how to use them.

Posted by Travis in South Carolina

Oh just make your own parking space

Idiot in the Parking Lot

This mental midget figures that he can park his big, inflated, rebel flag having hillbilly truck anyway he wants. Total douchebag! Valley View Mall in Roanoke.

Posted by Brennan in Roanoke

Virginia Can’t PARK!

I actually took this picture @ Virginia Western. I didn’t put the “F*** you” on his windshield…because someone beat me to it:) But seriously, are you so late to your retard class that you had to consume two spots with your idiot mobile! Douche.

Posted by Brent in Roanoke

Any intersection on Wards Rd

When the light turns red, it means just what it meant when you took your test at the DMV. It means STOP. It does not mean “oh I really need to get there and don’t feel like waiting so I’m going anyway”. You do not have a 3, 5, or 10 second rule either. You just STOP and WAIT. You’ll live, and even better, so will most other drivers that perform suicide missions to avoid your stupidity. Thanks.

Posted by Trena in Lynchburg

Orange Avenue entering 581 South



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